I caught a baby Zeebler! #augdementedreality #zeebler

Hello Friendly Giant German Kayaking Kielbasa. #augdementedreality

I always remember to bring my mini cow with me to the coffee shop for some fresh milk.

Tiny Drunk Elephant helps me draw in my sketchbook (kind of)… #tinydrunkelephant #augdementedreality

Traffic cones mate in stacks. Their offspring are created at the bottom of the stack in a vaccuum pocket created by vigorous twisting and rubbing. #thesecretlifeooftrafficcones

After a number of years, the traffic cone builds a thick layer of dirt and grime on its exterior membrane. The cone will travel to a isolated area and begin its molting process. After sloughing off the old dry skin, the cone is left with a bright and shiny new coat. #thesecretlifeooftrafficcones

Part of a new project I’m calling #thesecretlifeooftrafficcones . Traffic cones travel long distances in shopping carts. Also, I have decided to try posting a video everyday😳…Here we go… !

I walked past this chair yesterday.. Poor li’l guy. #chairity #augdementedreality #sharpie #whiteout #animationcel

Spoon & Forklift
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Señor Trashcrab Hermitcan #garbagegarage #wastedeep #beachfrontproperty #trashtropod #augdementedreality #sharpie #whiteout
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MehWhoop: The Saga of the Lost String Bean. 

See the conclusion to Mehwhoops Journey on the YouTubes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zKGx9OxIVc 

Accidentally strewn to the supermarket floor, MehWhoop is left to navigate the world alone in search of his bean bin buddies. His exhausting search leads him to a familiar yet unexpected place.