Tiny Drunk Elephant helps me Vacuum (kind of).

I was really looking forward to eating my soup.. Dang alligators. #crocphodile

Just incase you haven’t seen enough ice buckets, here is an Ice Bucket doing the Ice Bucket challenge and getting a brian freeze in an infinite loop.
Check out my new Vine account to see the loop in full effect: @hombre_mcsteez. I will be posting my older animations and some behind the scenes stuff on there daily.

SUUPER GROVERRR!! This is a drawing I did of my favorite character in the world, Super Grover. It is for sale! You can buy the original cel framed and matted at:https://www.doodlebender.com/art/super-groverThere is a ton of other original super hero art to peruse there as well, See the entire collection here: https://www.doodlebender.com/auctions/jules-jammal-superhero-art-auction/itemsAll proceeds go to the Jules Jammal Scholarship to help aspiring animation artists pursue their dreams!
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Freeway sign feeds on passing vehicles.. it has a taste for the blue ones.

Another day at the orifice. #augdementedreality Going to be posting new vids Mon, Wed, Fri.

I am on a business trip in LA, the traffic is hectic down here but luckily I have my GPS- Guiding Puppy Sherpa. I just relax and follow its little bunny tail.

The Pteramole Shark is a rare prehistoric beast that lives underground. Its menacing fin frightens predators, and only a few brave people have seen what lies beneath… #sharkweek

The answer to the age old question: “which came first the chicken or the egg?” has finally been solved… It was the Egg-Chicken!

Dialogue Tests!

A new compilation of animations is now up on my Youtube channel! Check it out and don’t forget to like and subscribe! Cheers -Hombre

Huck-a-Berry Muffin goes on a blueberry rampage. #metalmuffin #augdementedreality #sharpie #whiteout #montanapaintpens

Some of my vegetables have gone bad. #augdementedreality #transparency #animationcel #sharpie #whiteout #montanapaintpens